Sage 300 ERP Competitive Advantage – Trust Accounting



ERP applications all do pretty much the same things. You know; G/L, A/R, A/P, O/E, I/C, P/O & Manufacturing.

Wouldn’t it be great if Sage 300 ERP had a core accounting module that no other ERP application had?

Well now it does! Thanks to Dingosoft, Sage 300 ERP is the only ERP application with a true “T/A” (Trust Accounting) module.

So who needs T/A? It must be a pretty small market I hear you say! Well, for a start most law firms need T/A. There are around 50,000 law firms with 2 or more partners in the U.S. alone. Compare that to the current approx. 40,000 Sage 300 ERP sites worldwide.

Then there’s all the real estate agents and property managers, insurance brokers, public accountants and a whole bunch of other types of businesses that have to hold and keep track of other peoples money for a variety of reasons.

And with increasing legislation and regulations in regard to the handling of clients money, the need for good trust accounting software is increasing.

Like to see a demo? We’ve just uploaded a video for you here:


John Paterson | CEO





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