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Dingosoft – Email Scraper Review

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For no apparent reason, I suddenly got the urge¬†to blog about social media email scrapers ūüėČ

First off I should warn you that email scraping (harvesting) for spam lists¬†is illegal. Very very¬†illegal. It is a direct violation of the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 which specifically states it is¬†illegal to initiate commercial email to a recipient where the email address of the recipient was obtained by: “Using an automated means to extract electronic mail addresses from an Internet website or proprietary online service operated by another person”. Apps for scraping social media sites (if they even work) are even more illegal as they require hacking (see below). And don’t think that just adding an “unsubscribe” link makes it all OK. It doesn’t. See:

Think scraping emails from social media sites like Facebook is a good idea? So did Sanford Wallace. Until a california judge ordered him to pay Facebook $711 million in damages that is. See:¬†¬†“We will continue to pursue damages against other spammers.” said Facebook. Seriously, scraping email addresses from social media sites like¬†Facebook = seriously bad idea. Unless of course you¬†want to¬†make Mark Zuckerberg even richer.

Then of course there’s the jail time. Like 2 1/2 years jail time. Not only can you be totally bankrupted for messing with the likes of Facebook, you can also¬† spend a few years as someone’s prison bitch¬†– assuming you don’t get shivved that is. See:

Some people say that scraping isn’t illegal if you don’t use the harvested email addresses for spam (not sure why else you would do it),¬†however scraping social media sites isn’t just reading publicly visible email addresses (they aren’t that stupid), it requires methods like dictionary attacks and guessing common passwords to access user info – in other words: “hacking”. This is of course EXTREMELY ILLEGAL! Of course if someone was to set their email address to be publicly visible (extremely unlikely) it would be visible to email scrapers – but it would be visible to ANY email scraper – not just social media scrapers – and there are a lot of free email scrapers out there that would do the job. You can also assume that Facebook etc. have a whole bunch of honeypot email addresses to monitor any scraping.

Of course, it’s doubtful they even work. You might find that you end up with nothing for your money. If an app doesn’t have a free trial (especially if it’s from a sleazy spammy company) then you can bet it’s a scam. Here are some comments from youtube videos of¬† facebook email scrapers: “You’re FULL OF IT”, “dont work for me”, “emails never load”, “If your facebook email scraper actually works it would be against the facebook terms and conditions.”, “you people cant be this stupid to think this is real”. “I tried the same way you did it and it is not working anymore :(“, “What all I think of your shit is : 1. Its a Trojan 2. It doesn’t works”. “don’t loose money with this scammers. please stay away”. “total Fake things. Ideot.” Not surprisingly any positive comments seem to be accompanied by affiliate links.

Actually, here’s a comment on a Youtube video on Dingosoft (no relation) Power Scraper from someone who bought the product: “This program doesn’t actually work, we have been testing it for days and it crashes every time within 5-15 minutes loosing all the work that is created in that time only once has it stopped when finished and save 1 set of data. I love the idea behind this but it plain and simple doest work we have tried running as admin and not as admin, moving to different drives,allocating the priority etc it just doesn’t work, the minute it does work i would gladly use it”. This comment was from a month ago and sadly has no reply from the developer.

So unfortunately, I can’t actually review social media email scrapers as even if they did work, I would have to try them out first – and that would be illegal ūüė¶

Anyway, if you still want to try email scraping (seriously, did you watch that prison bitch video?) follow this link for some FREE EMAIL SCRAPERS!



Dingosoft – Social Media Automation

The Best and the Worst!


Recently Dingosoft has been looking into Social Media Automation tools. There’s a few good products out there – but also some real shoddy ones, so for comparison I’ve decided to give you one of each with this “the best and the worst” review.


The Best:


With over ten million users, Hootsuite is by far the most popular of the social media tools out there. It allows you to engage with people on over 35 popular social networks in a single dashboard.

Reply with a single click, identify social influencers and important clients and save time with pre-written responses. Engagement workflows ensure responsive engagement and avoiding missed messages. You can see all interactions with a contact‚ÄĒacross your organization‚ÄĒso conversations are in context and consistent, no matter who engages with them.


Allows you to maintain a library of messages and other creative content ready for publishing. You can also schedule content to post at optimal times. It will even suggest content for you.

Great analytics and reporting. It measures clicks, likes, retweets and more so you can see what content works and what doesn’t.

Other functionality includes Campaigns, uberVU Рwhich is a sort of social listening / analytics product which allows you to gauge the social sentiment around your brand and an app directory with over 150 apps that can be added to the Hootsuite dashboard.

Plans start with a Free basic option – so definitely check it out. I have to say I was pretty impressed with this product. Just having all your social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) on the one screen is pretty cool – and a huge timesaver.


The Worst:


A new company which seems to¬†have copied our name and logo and put it up on a $59 canned website from Themeforest. Not sure if this is some sort of scam or just a couple of wannabees who couldn’t come up with an original name.

Previously using the domain “” (social media hacker?) which probably suits them better as their main product seems to be an email scraper (email harvester)¬†for social media sites. Basically software that spammers use to crawl websites for email addresses.

So, more “social media hackers” than “social media automators”.¬†Of course, when it comes to their own social media, they obviously don’t have a clue. By copying the Dingosoft name rather than coming up with something original, not only do they have a big SEO problem, they also have a HUGE social media problem which is that the “Dingosoft” twitter handle is already taken (by us of course) as well as the Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube¬†and every other major social media user name. Why would¬†anyone buy social media automation from someone who can’t even get their own social media right? This is probably the biggest indicator that it’s just¬†some sort of¬†scam.

As they say, 8 out of 10 new companies fail in the first year. Let’s just say – scam or not – ¬†I wouldn’t be paying for an up-front subscription with these guys.


edit: Since these imposters copied our name and logo this is the level of correspondence we have had to deal with…

“HAHa!…After our last message to you…links to your dingoSoft said dont exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then we provide EVIDENCE via YouTube vids ..that yes they actually do!!!!…no wonder youre a gutless scammer NO REPLY…and yes we are in the process of preparing the biggest press release WARNING to all the pooor would be newbies wanting to buy into your Linkedin scam software on WF JVZ G+ G BIZ BING YAHOO INSTGRAM FBOOK PINTREST SQUIDOO CRAIGSLIST HUFFINGTON POST..hope you survive after these postings Mr JOHN PATERSON as you are clearly the most aggressive arrogant insulting contact we have ever dealt with worldwide.

Swallow and enjoy!”




We’ve Reinvented the Ledger!


So, what is Dingosoft Ledger Manager? Good question! We’re not really sure. We think it’s a “multipurpose subledger”.

Remember the old manual accounting journal and ledger books? They were just blank pages divided up into various vertical columns. They didn’t have a specific purpose – you could use them for whatever you liked. They were “multipurpose”. When accounting became computerised we developed specialised journals and ledgers – like accounts receivable and inventory. These subledgers are great at what they do, but there are only a handful of them. What if you wanted a subledger for some other balance sheet account?

I’d like to be able to say that we thought this all through logically and realised in a flash of brilliance that what was needed was a true multipurpose subledger, but what really happenned was we kept getting enquiries from prospects asking if our Trust Accounting module could do this or that or some other thing (we think about half the users of our T/A product are using it for some purpose other than trust accounting). We could see that T/A was close to what many of these prospects wanted, but being a specialised sub-ledger, it had restrictions that got in the way. So about 15 months ago we started developing an alternative that was flexible enough to do all the things these prospects wanted. After many iterations, we have a product that basically evolved into what we only realised in hindsight is a multipurpose subledger. Like they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”.


Basically, Ledger Manager is a standard Sage 300 submodule, developed in the Sage 300 SDK with strict adherance to Sage 300 standards and has all standard features. It has accounts which can have a debit or credit balance as well as the usual account groups, account sets etc. It has a separate account holder database, so you can optionally attach account holders to accounts. Account holders can have multiple contacts. All contact info is held in our Contact Manager module, so only ever needs to be changed in one place. It has full batch processing of cash receipts, cash payments, journals and transfers between accounts. It has average daily balance interest calculation with multiple options for interest payout/reinvestment etc. It prints statements as well as all the usual reports. It has an account reconciliation function for matching debits off against credits. It handles quantities, with accounts having both an amount as well as a quantity balance (think shares/units for funds etc). It is multicurrency and handles tax, salesperson commissions and has full bank and G/L integration. Standard features include optional fields, import/export and VBA macros. It also integrates with our EFT Services module. We even have Visual Process Flows:


So what can you use it for? Well really, every prospect so far is different. It can be used as a subledger for pretty much any balance sheet account.¬†You could even use it as¬†an A/R or A/P subledger by entering invoices¬†as journals and using the reconciliation feature to match receipts/payments against the invoices. Of course you wouldn’t use it for that as the dedicated A/R & A/P modules would do a much better job of it, but I just mention it to give you an idea of what it can do. With it’s ability to track quantities you could probably even use it as a simple I/C module (again – not that you would).¬†Probably more useful in finance than say manufacturing, it would actually be perfectly useful banking software with it’s multiple accounts per customer (including joint accounts etc.) all with central contact information. Average daily balance interest calculation and statement printing etc. And all for probably a few million dollars less than the next cheapest banking software. (Don’t laugh – we did actually have a small boutique bank as a prospect once!). The ability to track quantities also means that¬†funds – as in mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds etc. – are now prospects as you can have quantities in all transactions and maintain a unit or share balance for each account. We are also very open to evolving the product and adding new functionality if there is a particular industry that requires it. If you would like to discuss a particular use for the product, please contact

The 2014 and 2016 on-premise versions are currently available and the 2016 web user interface will be later in 2016.

More info at our website here:




Sage 300 ERP Competitive Advantage – Trust Accounting



ERP applications all do pretty much the same things. You know; G/L, A/R, A/P, O/E, I/C, P/O & Manufacturing.

Wouldn’t it be great if Sage 300 ERP had a core accounting module that no other ERP application had?

Well now it does! Thanks to Dingosoft, Sage 300 ERP is the only ERP application with a true “T/A” (Trust Accounting) module.

So who needs T/A? It must be a pretty small market I hear you say! Well, for a start most law firms need T/A. There are around 50,000 law firms with 2 or more partners in the U.S. alone. Compare that to the current approx. 40,000 Sage 300 ERP sites worldwide.

Then there’s all the real estate agents and property managers, insurance brokers, public accountants and a whole bunch of other types of businesses that have to hold and keep track of other peoples money for a variety of reasons.

And with increasing legislation and regulations in regard to the handling of clients money, the need for good trust accounting software is increasing.

Like to see a demo? We’ve just uploaded a video for you here:


John Paterson | CEO





Mr. Ronald Black Lives Here…

Mr. Ronald Black has been a loyal Sage 300 ERP Sample Company Inc. customer for a long time – certainly since the ACCPAC Plus days if not before. But did you know that all this time Mr. Black has been living in a very nice 6 bedroom / 3 bathroom spanish style home with huge back yard with a four car carport?

Neither did I until the other day when I was testing a new feature in the 2014 version of the Dingosoft Contact Manager¬†product which provides Google Maps integration for the main customer and vendor addresses in A/R and A/P. (Previously Google Maps integration was only available for “contacts” addresses).

Customer contacts screen
Customer contacts screen

Most of the addresses in the sample data are obviously fake (I can confirm that there really isn’t an “Anytown CA”), but clicking on Mr. Ronald Black’s address took me to a real address here:

Ronald Black's House
Ronald Black’s House

So there you go. You now know what Mr Ronald Black’s house looks like ūüėČ

By the way, Contact Manager isn’t really a “contact manager” app. – what I mean is it’s not a CRM wannabe – it’s really just an awesome central contact database which allows you to attach multiple contacts to customers, vendors and trust accounts.

The central contact maintenance screen in Common Services.
The central contact maintenance screen in Common Services.

We actually had to develop this product to go with our Trust Accounting module as we needed a database of clients as well as payors/payees. Unlike A/R and A/P where the payors/payees are always the customers/vendors, with trust accounting the payor/payee could be anyone. For example, a real-estate agent must hold a clients pre-paid advertising funds in a trust account when selling a property. When it comes time to take money out of the account to pay for advertising, the payee will be whichever newspaper/website/etc. that the property was advertised in. (Of course, the invoice from the newspaper will probably be for multiple properties which isn’t a problem for our T/A app as a single payment can be easily split across multiple trust accounts – something most cheaper T/A products can’t do. Just sayin’ ūüėČ )