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Dingosoft – Social Media Automation

The Best and the Worst!


Recently Dingosoft has been looking into Social Media Automation tools. There’s a few good products out there – but also some real shoddy ones, so for comparison I’ve decided to give you one of each with this “the best and the worst” review.


The Best:


With over ten million users, Hootsuite is by far the most popular of the social media tools out there. It allows you to engage with people on over 35 popular social networks in a single dashboard.

Reply with a single click, identify social influencers and important clients and save time with pre-written responses. Engagement workflows ensure responsive engagement and avoiding missed messages. You can see all interactions with a contact—across your organization—so conversations are in context and consistent, no matter who engages with them.


Allows you to maintain a library of messages and other creative content ready for publishing. You can also schedule content to post at optimal times. It will even suggest content for you.

Great analytics and reporting. It measures clicks, likes, retweets and more so you can see what content works and what doesn’t.

Other functionality includes Campaigns, uberVU – which is a sort of social listening / analytics product which allows you to gauge the social sentiment around your brand and an app directory with over 150 apps that can be added to the Hootsuite dashboard.

Plans start with a Free basic option – so definitely check it out. I have to say I was pretty impressed with this product. Just having all your social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) on the one screen is pretty cool – and a huge timesaver.


The Worst:


A new company which seems to have copied our name and logo and put it up on a $59 canned website from Themeforest. Not sure if this is some sort of scam or just a couple of wannabees who couldn’t come up with an original name.

Previously using the domain “smhacker.net” (social media hacker?) which probably suits them better as their main product seems to be an email scraper (email harvester) for social media sites. Basically software that spammers use to crawl websites for email addresses.

So, more “social media hackers” than “social media automators”. Of course, when it comes to their own social media, they obviously don’t have a clue. By copying the Dingosoft name rather than coming up with something original, not only do they have a big SEO problem, they also have a HUGE social media problem which is that the “Dingosoft” twitter handle is already taken (by us of course) as well as the Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and every other major social media user name. Why would anyone buy social media automation from someone who can’t even get their own social media right? This is probably the biggest indicator that it’s just some sort of scam.

As they say, 8 out of 10 new companies fail in the first year. Let’s just say – scam or not –  I wouldn’t be paying for an up-front subscription with these guys.


edit: Since these imposters copied our name and logo this is the level of correspondence we have had to deal with…

“HAHa!…After our last message to you…links to your dingoSoft staff..you said dont exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then we provide EVIDENCE via YouTube vids ..that yes they actually do!!!!…no wonder youre a gutless scammer NO REPLY…and yes we are in the process of preparing the biggest press release WARNING to all the pooor would be newbies wanting to buy into your Linkedin scam software on WF JVZ G+ G BIZ BING YAHOO INSTGRAM FBOOK PINTREST SQUIDOO CRAIGSLIST HUFFINGTON POST..hope you survive after these postings Mr JOHN PATERSON as you are clearly the most aggressive arrogant insulting contact we have ever dealt with worldwide.

Swallow and enjoy!”